Work/life resolutions for 2015 (hopefully not too yawn-inducing)

Firstly, a happy New Year to those of you who follow the Gregorian calendar! I hope the coming year treats you all well.

I had a lovely few days off work with the family, and have just returned to the book I’m editing. It’s been a real luxury to be able to take a proper break.

I thought I would jump on the January bandwagon with my first post of 2015, and look at my work-related resolutions. Some are revisiting plans from earlier posts, and a couple are new. So here goes…

1: Get my website up and running. This is a biggie for me, as it’s well out of my comfort zone. I’ve tended to bury my head in the sand in the past and think people will hear about me on the ‘grapevine’ rather than needing to actively seek work, but I know that’s not realistic! So website design and content planning it is, then.

2: Finish writing that business plan I referred to in October. I started this, then began editing another book, and never went back to it. I don’t really have an excuse not to fill in the gaps once everyone else returns to school and nursery.

3: Get my logo idea professionally created (or at least created by someone) so I can print out some business cards to hand out at networking events.

4: Do InDesign training, so I can add typesetting to my skill set. I have been offered free training by a publishing colleague. The only catch is that he’s always busy, I’m always busy, and we need to settle on a few days in London to actually make it happen. But it will – in 2015!

5: Learn grammar properly. I generally understand what does and doesn’t work grammatically, but sometimes struggle to explain why I have made editorial decisions, other than by saying ‘I know it’s right’ (which isn’t exactly professional!). This will be the year I read up on colons, semicolons, parenthetical dashes and the like so I actually sound like I know what I’m talking about!

And last but not least (and in common with probably about 90% of the British population):

6: Get fitter and healthier. This is a work-life balance one, rather than simply ‘work’. As my job is so sedentary, I need to get moving more. I try and swim a couple of times a week, but I need more variety to stop me getting bored! I can pick and choose daytime classes without having to worry about clocking back in by a particular time, so I plan to take full advantage of this once the daily routine returns to normal.

That’s all doable, right?

I’ll revisit these six at the end of the year and see how I’ve done. Feel free to give me a virtual slap on the wrist if I fail in any areas!

So have you made any resolutions yet, work or otherwise?