Blogging…a bit of a change from the days of paper diaries.

My name’s Sarah and I’ve now been working from home as a proofreader and copy-editor for over two years, after taking redundancy from a communications and administrative role in local government in 2011. As you might guess from my tagline, I’m passionate about the English language and its capabilities, and love that my work helps others express themselves in writing more eloquently and effectively. (My 3-year-old would probably summarise this in different terms: Can she fix it? Yes, she can!)

After a couple of years of occasionally dipping into Twitter (@spellegance), I’ve decided I need to properly get my business out there – so here I am. Hopefully this blog will be a bit more edifying than my 1993 diary (highlights include the fascinating John stumbled on a stone! and Went to Central Cafe. Bought Coke). If you want to read more extracts from these diaries before they’re published in my memoirs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch…

So…I guess this blog’s overall aims will be to:

  • share my passion for language and communication;
  • share things I’ve found interesting and/or useful in my work; and
  • help you get to know me a little better (and hopefully let me get to know you a little better as well).

On that note, I’ll say Auf Wiedersehen, and get back to my day-to-day work!

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