Part 2 of the proofreader’s voting guide: The Green Party

Just a short one this week from me.

Earlier this week, I finally got the last of the main parties’* campaign leaflets – from the Green Party – through my door. For the sake of equality, I thought I’d make sure I included my thoughts on this one.

The Greens, with 11 errors, managed to actually complete the sequence of consecutive numbers which started with the Lib Dems’ 10 and ended with Labour’s 14. Pretty impressive, even if it was unintentional! Most of them were punctuation mistakes this time (missing commas, the insertion of a rogue space, hyphens instead of en or em dashes and missing full stops at the end of bullet points), and the worst weren’t all that bad – ‘de-regulated’ in place of ‘deregulated’ and the random capitalization of ‘academies’, ‘free schools’ and ‘local authority’. Not really that much to complain about.

Assuming I was going to vote based solely on the number of errors, I don’t think it would be fair to choose a party with the numbers so close together. Perhaps the best option would be to spoil my ballot paper instead…

* Disclaimer: Obviously Plaid Cymru (who an online quiz told me I should vote for) and the SNP are also ‘main parties’, but as I don’t live in Wales or Scotland I am unable to vote for them and have not received any literature from either party.

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