Busy, busy, busy!

After a few days off over Christmas, I’m back on the work wagon with a vengeance: there’s a short novel to copy-edit by the end of the month, a medium-sized one due in early February, and a book on feminism to put the finishing touches to before 27 January. I’ve been told to expect some transcripts of interviews to edit during February, too, and I have a couple of ideas for generating extra work that I plan to chase up once things quieten down a little.

A certain husband is also turning 40 towards the end of the month, so there are things to be organised on that front as well. I didn’t say it wasn’t going to be challenging achieving the resolutions I set a couple of weeks ago! (If anyone has discovered the secret of making time magically expand, please let me know. I’m serious.)

Getting fitter and healthier – so far, so good…

So far (I know it’s early days, but if I write it here it will hopefully make me feel guilty if I’m tempted to slack) I’m managing to keep my resolution about getting fitter and healthier in 2015. I’ve been swimming a few times and attended two TRX suspension training classes so far (plus a taster just before Christmas). Although I feel stiff and creaky at the moment, I love the variety within the classes, and it also gives me more incentive to avoid eating loads of chocolate as I know it’ll negate the workout I’ve paid for (in cash and in hard graft).

I’ve also got a grand plan to involve the children in my exercise plan – basically, they can join me after school in learning all about burpees and planks. Of course, they’ll think it’s fun and easy while I collapse crying in a heap on the floor, but once I’m fitter I’ll be the one laughing…I think.

On a blog topic-related note, I’ll leave you with a link to Allie Brosh’s brilliant rant on her site Hyperbole and a Half about the common usage of the non-word ‘alot’. I may have shared this before – apologies to those who’ve seen it before – but it’s such a classic I feel it’s worth mentioning again.